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Cologne 97 Candle

Cologne 97 Candle

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Our Cologne 97 candle is scented with musk, mint and oak moss. Whilst also producing tones of sandalwood. Lighting this candle will remind you of your favourite cologne and leave your space smelling crisp. 

Our candles are 8oz, 100% soy wax, paraben & phthalate free. They are toxic free so they do not cause headaches. Our candles are poured in small batches in Toronto, Ontario. They are also wooden wicked. 

We love to use 100% soy wax since it is pet safe, child safe and better for the environment. 

Burn time is approximately 40-45 hours.


100% soy wax, paraben & phthalate free fragrance oil. FSC certified wooden wicks.


$12 flat rate shipping within Ontario.

We ship worldwide!

How to use

Candle Care Instructions

Soy candles have a memory, therefore, to ensure that your candles do not tunnel, make sure you always burn candles until the was pool has reached the edge of the container.Before each use, trim the wick to 1/4 inch.

This will ensure a proper burn.

Lit candles are hot, do not touch a candle jar while it is lit.

Allow time for candle to cool before handling.Keep lit candles in sight while burning and away from anything flammable.

Never leave children unattended near an open flame.

Do not burn candles for more than 3-4 hours at a time.

Allow enough time for the candle wax to solidify before re lighting.

Stop candle use when 1/4 inch of was remains due to fire hazard

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

My absolute favourite candle Emma has ever released. If you’re looking for a LeLabo dupe, this is it!

Sydney Huff
Great scent

This candle smells like a handsome man!! So good!!

Laurence Nguyen

For the ones who loved "male perfume" this candle is for you! You won't regret trying this one!

Trey Gardner
The Best

The best candle I’ve ever used!!! The smell is amazing and I have learned lots from Emma regarding candles and care of them. I can’t wait for my next!

Jedith Manarang
The perfect cologne scents!

I absolutely LOVE this scent 😍 definitely one of my favourites!